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A smartphone app that collects and objectifies audience and behavioral measurements of radio and TV content, digital or not.

  • Objectivity

    To date, audience figures for major radio stations are calculated on the basis of the ratings of a declaratory panel. This representative sample lists, for one week, his radio listening behaviour. These transcriptions are tinged with subjectivity. The bias in relation to reality can sometimes be very significant, especially for channels listened to for shorter periods or in a non-recurring way.

    Thanks to its mobile tool, MetriCrowd bypasses this difficulty and makes the collection of the audience perfectly objective and transparent, while facilitating the panel’s work. MetriCrowd retrieves all eavesdropping that could be omitted from the panel statements at this time.

  • Multi-support

    The application is installed on a smartphone. MetriCrowd thus has access to the audio data of the various media connected to it (connected watch, headphones, Bluetooth speakers). The software can receive the radio station listened to (FM or web), but also the channels and TV programs watched, whether they are consumed live or delayed.

    MetriCrowd therefore makes it easy to combine non-digital and digital audience measurement with the same or specific metrics in a single tool.

    In addition, MetriCrowd is fully compatible with CasterStats and provides an additional data stream to be integrated into the audience measurement tool. CasterStats even allows single listeners to be aggregated on both sources, for both audio and video. CasterStats and MetriCrowd offer a global solution for audience measurement of the radio and TV landscape, both linear and non-linear.

  • Behavioural analysis

    In addition to retrieving socio-demographic data (geolocation, gender, age, socio-economic level, etc.), MetriCrowd’s systematic collection allows for behavioural analysis of listeners’ habits. Indeed, this application identifies the listening behaviour of your audience: when does it leave one channel for another, for which channel, if the behaviour changes according to the time of day…

    Beyond the audience measurement itself, MetriCrowd meets another need related mainly to the programming and the auditor’s behaviour in relation to it. Indeed, MetriCrowd makes it possible to “follow” the listener, literally and figuratively (geolocated), to know his listening path and to analyse this behaviour according to the conduct of the programme. It is therefore easy to imagine offering a MetriCrowd application in the colours of a broadcaster and making it available to listeners in order to improve content programming.