NeuroMedia Certified


NeuroMedia Software provides a solution for audience certification.


This certification is available for digital content: podcasts, audio on demand, live audio, video on demand and live video.

Broadcaster can continue to use their own tools: NeuroMedia Software audits the methodologies, corrects biases and delivers certification.

It is also possible to add other elements to the basic certification such as data quality control, anomaly detection and potential fraud, as well as a model to help detect hacking.

“NeuroMedia Certified” is intended for content producers (radio, podcast and television channels), media agencies, advertising agencies and advertisers.


Why apply for certification by NeuroMedia Software?

  • Certification by an independent third party.
  • Affordable and reasonable price, accessible to smaller broadcasters.
  • Ability to monetize an audience with fair and verified numbers.


Measurement ConformityXXX
Quality CheckXX
Advertising ControlX (option)
Fraud Detection X
Piracy Detection X (option)
MethodologyBasic Dedicated Multiple
Podcasts XXX
Audio On DemandXX
Live AudioXX
Video On DemandX
Live AudioX
Monthly TrafficNo profit or
max 5 millions
per month
Brands1 20Unlimited
PriceContact UsContact UsContact Us