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A centralized platform that automatically manages the flow of promotional music productions for music players and broadcasters.

  • Automation

    TraxFlow is a web application that connects music producers (artists) and broadcasters (radio, television, and even DJ’s…)

    Music producers usually send their singles/albums to broadcasters (mainly radio stations) for broadcast. The latter receive significant quantities of promotions. These productions of all kinds arrive in large numbers, often by e-mail and in very different formats, which makes them difficult to manage.

    TraxFlow allows broadcasters to bring them together in a common interface powered either by incoming emails (sent by music producers or artists) or via a simple and efficient structured repository web page (a kind of form to be completed by music producers or artists).

    In this way, music producers and artists can distribute their musical creations to several potential presenters in a single operation.

  • Collaborative approach

    With TraxFlow, broadcasters can integrate the multiple proposals received into a collective workflow. The evaluators, selected by the dissemination company, have the opportunity to vote and rank the various titles proposed.

    Each musical production is commented and rated by one or more persons within the broadcasting company. If the quality criteria are met, the songs are automatically programmed to rotate on the airwaves in the case of a radio, for example.

    Finally, via this same platform, producers and artists receive feedback on the song, as well as its various programs if it has been selected.

    By integrating CasterStats into the process, both artists and presenters get feedback on the audience for their production or programming.

  • Standardization

    TraxFlow allows you to manage several input channels, starting with e-mails. Each account has a unique email address. All e-mails are automatically scanned via the platform. This extracts the piece that appears as an attachment or via the link contained in the e-mail. It is directly added to the stream of songs to be processed by the broadcaster.

    If the operation fails, the producer is notified by an e-mail inviting him to send a compatible file or to use another channel, such as the TraxBox.

    Indeed, each diffuser has a TraxBox dedicated to it. This is a page where the music producer can download his productions and possibly rework the metadata related to them. This step allows you to adjust the quality of the submission more finely before sending them to the evaluators.