Partner Program

If you are an IT provider or a media delivery solution reseller and would like to add our products to your portfolio, we offer three collaboration models


In this model, you refer your customers to our platform and we reward you with a portion of the profit generated by the lead brought in. We take care of everything, from configuration to billing and all the necessary technical support. Contact us to find out more about the commissions we offer.


If you prefer to keep control of the relationship with your customers, you can subscribe to a classic subscription and set up sub-accounts. There is nothing special to do on your side because all our editions allow it. You can of course band the interface to broadcast your logos and contact information so that everything integrates perfectly into your infrastructure.


If you are working on a large project with a certain complexity, such as country or region-wide audience research, we are the ideal partner. We do a lot of subcontracted projects for other players and we will be happy to discuss them with you. Contact us to discuss your project.