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NeuroMedia Software offers a game changing alternative to paper-based audience measurement for both radio and TV: MetriCrowd

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MetriCrowd is a mobile audience and behaviour measurement tool that automatically collects and identifies radio or TV audio content as users consumes it.

Belgium, 9 September 2019

Everyday habits are highly difficult to remember after the fact, making broadcasters blind to a treasure of reactions that can now be detected using MetriCrowd.

With MetriCrowd, broadcasters finally have a reliable audience measurement tool for both radio and television channels.

Panel Management

MetriCrowd facilitates panel management towards richer panel representations.

The app’s low usage and battery consumption of the phone can be compared to a messaging app. Only a digital signature of the audio content is transmitted to the server.

The ease of use is such that the panel’s only two actions are to install the app on their smartphone and agree to give the requested access.

Real time audio collection

While ratings are still much too often calculated using a paper-based declarative panel, technology allows much more objective transcriptions and in real time.

The audio environment of panel members is frequently captured using all the media connected to the app (phone, watch, speakers, etc.). The digital signature is then processed along with sociodemographic and geolocation data:

  1. Data collection via app
  2. Digital signature via audio fingerprinting
  3. Audio source identification via server
  4. Configurable database registration

With MetriCrowd, broadcasters finally have a reliable audience measurement for both radio and television channels.

The frequency and time span of data collection can be adapted and updated as needed.

Behavioural disclosure

MetriCrowd can detect which radio stations are being listened to (FM or web) as well as the channels and TV programs watched. Quick reactions like zapping or turn offs can be disclosed and pinned down with high precision (e.g. User left one channel for another: which channel? in which environment? At what time? etc.).

Availability: OCTOBER 2019

MetriCrowd will be available for order in October 2019.

Exclusive preview of the technology will be presented at the IBC show in Amsterdam from 13 to 16 September 2019 (Belgium booth: hall 10 stand D31).

Interested parties are encouraged to requested a meeting at and plan for a 20 minutes presentation and Q&A.